West Side Story Review

Prosound Reviews West Side Story

10:18 31 January in Prosound News, Theatre Productions

Staff members from Prosound went to watch West Side Story – South Africa at the Joburg Theatre on Thursday 26 January. Here is what they had to say about it:

West Side Story was Phenomenal! With Meyer Sound, Midas Consoles and DPA Mics at hand; give Mark Malherbe the tools and he will finish the job.

Tonight the sound was brilliant due to our very own Maestro Mark! Very proud of you! I’m sure the young Prosound Guns have learnt a thing or two tonight! That is how sound should be in Theatre!

The story line was simple and amusing. The interpretation of the music and sound was good. Prosound showed the crowd how to properly do sound.

Sad story but excellent storyline, the lights and sound were all done well.

It was my first time attending a theatre show, it was exciting and I enjoyed the entire show.

Thumbs up! There were a lot of captivating moments especially when Tony (Anton) and Maria sang “Tonight” under the starlight.

The show was amazing and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Mr Mark for the good sound. And the cast was amazing.