The Mohawk stage, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and engineering

09:27 02 November in Product News

October witnessed the premiere of the Mohawk stage from the Dutch company called Konvooi Exceptioneel. The guys from Konvooi built a massive stage with their own hands and their craftsmanship, with the help from Eurotruss and other suppliers the end result is amazing. The Mohawk stage looks powerful, beautiful and is very mobile because it is built on a semitrailer that carries a stage area of 130 square meters.

The construction has a total height of 14,8 meters and the complete construction weighs 26.000 kilo, concept and production was completely by the own idea of Konvooi Exceptioneel.

The Mohawk turns out to be a clever piece of engineering and ingenuity and can deal with wind forces up to the wind speed of 7bft, in case of an increased wind speed Konvooi can easily get a piece of canopy out on the back of the stage.

Meeting with Konvooi


The complete creative process of the Mohawk stage was for both parties a complete adventure, architect Ate Snijder made the design and in the first meeting we had at the Eurotruss Headquarters a very impressive 3d model came on the table. We were amazed by the idea and felt honored that Konvooi asked us to work on this project with them.

The roof construction exists out of 4 arc parts made out of ST truss and are compressed by special TD35 trusses, the keder profile to support the canopies is directly welded on the ST truss. For the assembly of the ST truss arc parts Konvooi designed a special stage integration which connects to the semitrailer, with this wedged shaped steel construction the complete required ballast for the construction comes directly out of the semitrailer and therefor no extra ballast is needed on location.

This article is originally from the Eurotruss website.