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MLD | Music & Light Design GmbH invest heavily in Eurotruss

11:13 05 August in Product News

We are very proud to introduce our most recent member of the Eurotruss family: Music & Light design GmbH. With Music & Light design (MLD) and Eurotruss having the same objectives such as delivering high quality, speed and passion for the job it was the perfect foundation for MLD to choose for Eurotruss and trade in all their existing Prolyte. MLD was already familiar with the Eurotruss brand for a while as they invested 2 years ago in the Eurotruss ST truss Serie based on their superior characteristics.

music & light designMLD decided to swap the Prolyte Stock for a complete massive Eurotruss Stock to have not only all the truss in house from one brand with one support channel but also to go for the best brand for the future. MLD accelerated by not only exchanging their existing Prolyte stock for Eurotruss but also doubled the quantity of brand new HD33, HD34 and HD44 multi truss in their stock.

MLD decided to extend massively their black powder coated multi truss stock to offer everything according to each client’s wish without compromising flexibility in terms of quantities and finishing.

Simon Mayer from MLD stated; “With this swap our company is upgraded for the high demand on high quality rigging gear, with this upgrade we can offer our customers the best quality available on the market.”

We congratulate MLD with their latest purchase and welcome them to our loyal family!

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