Michaelhouse School Theatre Install ETC Console

12:00 14 January in Educational Facilities, Prosound News

Prosound has supplied the ETC GIO @ 5 Console recently installed at the Michaelhouse School Theatre.

William le Cordeur, Director of Schlesinger Theatre, Michaelhouse School contacted Mike Wiblin of SLS Solutions (KZN-Natal) to arrange a demo of the console, along with other brands they were considering installing.

Prosound provided extensive training in preparation for the demo to Mr Wiblin, Mr le Cordeur and drama students at the school, and it was decided, after checking out other consoles, that the ETC GIO @ 5 was the perfect fit.

SLS Solutions installed the desk, which was put immediately to work on Oh, What a Lovely War, the production the school was currently busy with.

Mr Cordeur said “Thanks to Prosound for exposing our school theatre to the different ETC Consoles and being patient with our final selection of the GIO@5. We are thrilled with the console and the boys in particular find it easy to navigate and perfect for our theatre. Together with Mike Wiblin of SLS Solutions, and the Prosound team, we feel well supported.”

For information on ETC and ETC product support in the KZN region contact Mike Wiblin at SLS Solutions:
082 373 3322