Meyer Sound’s Galileo Galaxy becomes Milan certified

Meyer Sound’s Galileo Galaxy becomes Milan certified

13:58 14 June in Product News

Meyer Sound’s Galileo Galaxy network platform is one of the first solutions to have been officially certified as fully compliant with the new, AVB-based Milan deterministic network protocol. The certification was issued by the Avnu Alliance and confirms that Galileo Galaxy processors offer seamless interoperability with all other Milan-certified devices in the signal chain, regardless of their function or manufacturer.

Galileo Galaxy systems underwent rigorous testing at the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Laboratory, the third-party testing facility used for the Avnu Alliance Certification Programme. The certification was presented for all three Galaxy units: the Galaxy 816, Galaxy 816-AES3 and Galaxy 408.

‘A few years ago Meyer Sound joined with a group of other leading pro audio manufacturers to tackle a problem common to all of our customers,’ recalled Meyer SVP of marketing John McMahon. ‘And that was how to create a network infrastructure that is easy to use, offers extremely high performance and provides future-proof flexibility. Building on the existing open AVB standard from IEEE, we developed Milan as the best solution.

‘With this certification, Meyer Sound Galaxy becomes a pioneering device in what is becoming an integrated, networked AV ecosystem. More Meyer Sound products are in line to be certified, and the list of manufacturers that have signed on to Milan is growing fast. We expect increasing momentum toward widespread adoption throughout the industry in the months to come.’