Meyer Sound immerses Dubai in Constellation

12:00 25 February in Product News

Meyer Sound recently set up a temporary Constellation system at Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz to demonstrate how the system works and showcase the company’s immersive technologies. Using the perfectly equipped cinema room at the A4 Space warehouse, the draped curtains and Meyer Sound speaker system of 47 speakers, including six subwoofers, MM-4XP lateral speakers and 16 microphones, offered the ideal conditions in which to experience the Constellation system at work. 

The introduction and demonstration was presented by Meyer Sound Constellation project designer, Ana Lorente, who took the system through its paces by showcasing its various associated applications, including Voice Lift, SpaceMap 3D panning software and the variety of acoustic environments that can be created. In short, the system is able to alter the acoustics of a space by processing the signals from microphones placed around a room and then feeding the processed audio back into the room’s loudspeaker systems in order to give the impression of a certain size of space or to enhance the listening experience for certain genres of music.

As well as the thought provoking Constellation demonstration, the American manufacturer presented its Amie studio monitor, which also proved to be popular with attendees. With particular attention to detail in both the lower and upper mids, this 6-inch cabinet was capable of revealing interesting qualities in tracks not heard before. There was also an accompanying subwoofer, but the bass response of the 6-inch speaker alone was notable. 

Discussing the Constellation platform with Ms Lorente, she clarified its popularity throughout the day’s demos as a result of it being ‘the perfect fit’ for the growing Dubai market where a lot of rooms often tend to be multipurpose.