Innovation and a pioneering spirit are key aspects of Prosound’s genetic make-up. If we can’t find anything that meets our standards, we generally design and make it ourselves. Our manufacturing department has been around for as long as we have – it’s a history littered with significant firsts. Back in 1974, we began experimenting with custom building professional loudspeaker cabinets, sturdy enough to handle the unique and demanding conditions of Africa. This led to ElectroVoice giving us permission to build their boxes and constant directivity horn flares under license.

This agreement with ElectroVoice was unique and a first of its kind internationally. In Southern Africa, Prosound was the first company to build a touring stage and a portable roof; the first to build lighting trussing and PARCAN shells; the first to build a large composite 4-way loudspeaker system; and the first to build custom flight cases. In 1983, Prosound started manufacturing a range of custom electronic equipment for the first time, as part of an installation for the Durban Playhouse. In the years that followed, we developed our own range of custom communication systems, conference systems, compact mixing units, power amplifiers and signal processors. Today Prosound continues to design and build a wide range of custom products and components. Each item that leaves our workshop is backed by over 40 years of manufacturing experience, with an emphasis on meeting the tough and unique demands of African conditions.


Our locally manufactured products and components include:

  • Signal cables
  • Loudspeaker cables
  • Microphone cables
  • DMX cables
  • Power cables
  • Multi-pair cables
  • Communication systems
  • Stairs and balustrades for structures
  • Power distribution systems
  • Custom bags
  • Cable wraps
  • Custom metalwork
  • Custom furniture
  • Custom electronics