Once in a lifetime experience for Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren

12:39 06 June in Product News

On May 12 & 13 the worldwide known DJ Armin van Buuren gave his biggest solo performance ever. The DJ who has been one of the top five DJ’s in the world for fifteen years took his fans on a mesmerizing journey back in time with a massive show called ‘’The Best of Armin Only’’. For the fans and Armin himself a once in a lifetime experience and the biggest show ever done in the Amsterdam Arena. Eurotruss’ two biggest rental partners in The Netherlands; Focus Amsterdam and Rent-All supplied all lighting and rigging materials with several Eurotruss products.

Breathtaking show

The shows of Armin van Buuren are familiar for their uplifting dance music, the latest light- and stage designs, mind-blowing visuals and massive laser- and pyro shows.

A round and slowly rising Eurotruss circle in the middle of the stadium with a violinist and pianist on it, a drummer ‘dropping’ out of the ceiling of the Amsterdam Arena on another circle and if that all wasn’t enough suddenly 40 brass players came floating up and down on the custom made catwalks made from Eurotruss XD truss. We can certainly say without hesitation Armin and his team amazed all visitors with an extraordinary and mesmerizing experience witnessed by more than 80.000 spectators.

Eurotruss Catwalk Truss

In the roof of the arena a special overhead ‘’backstage’’ area was created to prepare all the flying artists and acrobats to find their way to the stage. Two giant circles with special custom flooring and safety rails kept everybody safe and secure on a height of 27 meters.

Recently Rent-All bought 100m of CWT truss which immediately gave a perfect and safe solution to get to the middle of this overhead stage. 70 meters of Catwalk Truss was used to make a solid path from the outer top ring of the Amsterdam Arena to the center of the overhead stage.

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