Griven Architectural Lighting Demo

09:00 27 June in HOTELS & LEISURE, Product News

Prosound is the South African Distributor of Griven Architectural LED products, an Italian manufacturer of quality LED architectural products.

At the end of April 2018 we were tasked by Tsogo Sun in providing an LED Solution to illuminate the exterior Lift Shaft at the Maharani Hotel. This lift shaft is approximately 100 meters high. Drawings were sent to the Griven Lighting designers whereby the Griven ONYX RGBW LED fixture was recommended due to its narrow optics and superb beam and colour rendering quality.

Prior to the demo three different rendering options were sent to the Tsogo Sun Hotel Development and Maharani Maintenance personnel. To coincide with the Tsogo Sun National Conference it was decided that this demo mock up would be done from Monday the 11thJune through to Friday the 15th June.

Ian Blair of Prosound contracted the services of Mike Wiblin of SLS Solutions to assist with this demo.

The ONYX LED fixture was positioned at a height of 6 meters to up light the lift shaft. All DMX and Power cables had to be hidden in the foliage during the mock up.

The demo for ONYX LED fixture was controlled by an ETC ColorSource 20 Lighting Console, which was programmed by Mike Wiblin. The demos ran from Wednesday through to Friday and the results were stunning, and delivered exactly what was expected from the renderings that had been supplied by Griven.