Graph-i-Cell: the future is bright

10:00 23 October in Product News

Now available in two different versions, the new GRAPH-i-CELL confirms itself as a groundbreaking artistic medium for the creation of eye-catching displays where light, colour and image converge to generate an extraordinary experience.

Beside the renowned RGB, cold and warm white versions, now available either with RDM or self-addressing options, the brand new RGBW and DW releases complete the product range allowing maximum lighting design flexibility. Fitted  with  a  dome  shaped  180°  opaline  diffuser for  a  sharp  image  rendition  and  an  optimal peripheral  visibility,  these  high  brightness  single pixel  fixtures  can  be  easily  assembled  with  other units  of  their  kind  to  screen  low  resolution  video files and graphic patterns. GRAPH-i-CELL can be integrated with the existing architecture or stage back drop while shaping a brand new outstanding ambience. Graph-i-Cell can accept, via DMX interface, any graphic, video or still image coming from a DVI media server and the configuration system can then store and trigger the show to a striking visual effect. The IP65 weather protection rating makes it suitable for almost any application.