Dynaudio Professional new 18S and 9S subwoofers

Get Ready to Rumble… Dynaudio 18S and 9S Are Here!

11:24 24 October in Latest Products

Dynaudio are super-excited to announce their first new subwoofers in a decade. And this is not just a make-over. 9S is as compact as the BM 9S II it replaces, but its performance is more comparable to the BM 14S II.

18S builds on a dual-opposing design principle, using two MSP + Hybrid Drive woofers and features built-in DSP processing with presets for our studio monitors. Finally, both of these new subs have long-throw drivers to ensure a massive yet tight and super-accurate low-end frequency reproduction.

Expand your setup with 9S or 18S and upgrade to a full-blown 3-way or 4-way monitoring system that simply performs and adds a deep dimension to your mixing and mastering experience.

Dynaudio Professional new 18S and 9S subwoofers

9S Subwoofer

The 9S subwoofer is designed to complement LYD and other Dynaudio Pro studio monitors, including the classic BM range.

Studio-quality components and construction make the 9S, with its double front baffle and brand-new 9.5in long-throw driver, the ideal subwoofer for your mixing and mastering projects. We made it a priority to make the 9S compact while ensuring that you get the utmost sonic accuracy. In terms of size, it resembles the BM 9S II that it replaces, but when it comes to performance, it’s actually more comparable to the larger BM 14S II.

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18S Subwoofer

Adding 18S to your monitors will open up a new world of performance that lets you mix and master with painstaking accuracy… and deliver tracks that translate beautifully to any playback system.

We’ve applied advanced DSP modelling technology that acoustically matches 18S to any Dynaudio Pro Studio Monitor from BM, LYD and upwards, turning two-way systems into three-way set-ups. Its punch is delivered by two of our brand-new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units and a 500W amp for absolute control and power.

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