Eurotruss USA proud to supply Truss for Guns N’ Roses & the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

10:08 08 August in Product News

Eurotruss was asked to supply custom made circles for the world wide known rock/pop bands called Guns N’ Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Festival Tour the production company Premier Global Productions needed custom plated circle trusses to fly LED tiles for the festival shows on their tour this summer. They needed tight tolerances to keep all of the video screens looking tidy inside the circles and they needed it super fast. Eurotruss USCA managed to do both.

For the ‘Not in This Lifetime tour’ from Guns n’ Roses several hexapods were created to rig a matrix of moving head fixtures. After receiving concept drawings of the hexagon shaped pods, a sample lighting fixture and a drawing from Upstaging the team from Eurotruss USCA in Knoxville started with the production.

The name of the game in this type of design was making sure that the moving light does not hit another moving light or the pod itself when moving, for transportation in the touring trailer the pods were packed in special designed carts to keep the moving lights safe and secure! Both projects were designed, built and shipped out of the Knoxville, Tennessee factory in the United States.

Great display of expertise, support and commitment from the Eurotruss USCA team and our distributor A.C.T Lighting!

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