Dynaudio Professional LYD-series Studio Monitors

09:02 21 April in Latest Products

The latest addition to Dynaudio’s professional monitors – LYD – brings a new perspective to power and precision. LYD offers producers and musicians near field speakers that excel at low volume precision. Each drive unit is fuelled by a powerful, state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier that features a 96kHz/24bit signal path. Its new soft dome tweeter and trademark MSP woofers ensure unerring accuracy. Finally, a DSP used in the right way offers the option to extend or curtail the low frequency response by 10 Hz where needed, while both Position and Sound Balance ensure better performance in any environment.

Key features:

– Handcrafted soft-dome tweeter with aluminum voice-coil
– Handcrafted MSP woofer with aluminum voice-coil and die-cast aluminium basket
– Bi-amped speaker design with Class-D amplification
– Bass Extension extends or curtails the low-end frequency response, by changing the low-cut of the monitor
– Position switch between two tuning setups: for freestanding monitors or monitors positioned close to a wall
– Sound Balance to influence the frequency response of the monitor without causing phase problems
– High-Resolution 96kHz/24bit signal path
– Variable input sensitivity
– XLR and RCA inputs for flexible input options
– Made in Denmark in our own factory in Skanderborg
Dynaudio Professional LYD-series
Three models will be available initially:

LYD-5 5” 2-way
LYD-7 7” 2-way
LYD-8 8” 2-way

The 1st units will start shipping in July.