DPA supports Kyle Eastwood

DPA supports Kyle Eastwood

10:00 04 May in Product News

DPA supports Kyle Eastwood
American jazz bass musician Kyle Eastwood recently performed in Hong Kong, accompanied by the DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 instrument mic that joins him when on tour. Additional back-up was provided by DPA’s Hong Kong office in the form of a further eight d:vote 4099s for the musician’s band.

The extra d:vote 4099s were used for the drum toms, trumpets and a grand piano. The manufacturer also provided a pair of d:dicate 2011C recording microphones for the drum overheads.

Kyle Eastwood is the son of legendary actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood. His music career has spanned several albums and has included stints as a composer for some of his father’s films, including Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby.

‘Kyle played at the BB Jazz Lounge in Hong Kong before going on to the world-famous Blue Note Jazz club in Tokyo,’ said Dominic Tsang, area sales manager for DPA Microphones. ‘As he already had a d:vote 4099 for his own double bass, it made sense to match the rest of the microphones to that sound.’

Mr Tsang assisted Kyle Eastwood’s sound engineer, John Fonseca, at the venue, consulting on microphone placement. ‘I would like to thank DPA for putting at our disposal some fantastic microphones and for all the support on site,’ said Mr Fonseca. ‘Each mic definitely helped us get closer to the desired sound and to deal with the challenging setup.’

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