DPA microphones star in ‘Sunday in the Park with George’

DPA microphones star in ‘Sunday in the Park with George’

10:00 16 October in Product News

LSS Productions has recently invested in DPA microphones for the production of Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George in Melbourne, Australia.

Eighteen units of DPA’s Core 6066 subminiature headset microphones were reportedly chosen for their quick and easy set up. ‘The 6066 headset is a lot more discreet than earlier DPA headsets, which is why I felt it could work well for Sunday in the Park with George,’ explained Marcello Lo Ricco, managing director and sound designer of LSS Productions. ‘We wouldn’t get away with the look of using a bulky headset, and on top of that the new gold colour of the 6066 mic boom blended really nicely into light or dark skin tones. Also, the new 6066 headset has a detachable cable, which is a great advantage because it means we can easily replace it if it is damaged.’

A total of 17 cast members were fitted with 6066 headsets while Nick Simpson-Deeks, who played the leading role of George, was fitted with a DPA 4061. ‘The 6066 headset is made from a thinner, more flexible material compared to the older style headsets and it seemed to be more comfortable for the cast to wear for longer periods of time because it felt lighter on the head,’ said Lo Ricco. ‘The ear attachments are more flexible and mouldable, too. Also, in our third venue, we were operating in a smaller black box space with speakers closer to the performers. Using the headsets made this manageable as there was sufficient headroom for 18 microphones, which at some points during the performance were all on at the same time.’

The units are now part of the company’s permanent stock and are being used during productions such as The Beautiful Game. ‘When I first started using DPA what I liked was the sound quality of the microphones, which was a noticeable improvement on what we had been using previously,’ Lo Ricco added. ‘They sound natural with a nice bright top-end which isn’t harsh sounding. The Microdot adaptors are reliable, and we use a few different types to match our Sennheiser and Shure radio system models. The new 6066 headsets are being used with our Shure Axient Digital radio systems and I’ve been very happy with their performance. I’m keen to add some smaller lavaliers to our inventory so I will now be looking at the other products in the new 6000 Series.’