DPA is tested in the kitchen

DPA is tested in the kitchen

10:00 18 October in Product News

Audio Test Kitchen is a free online website that allows consumers to hear and compare the sounds of large condenser microphones from a wide range of products. Co-founders Alex Oana and Ian Hlatky wanted to include a microphone source that maintained identical conditions over time, and found their solution with the 4041, 4011 and 4006 microphones from DPA.

Audio Test Kitchen reportedly guarantees consistency of its microphone playbacks by using DPA’s 4041 large diaphragm and 4006 omnidirectional mics as reference points. These are also used to record vocal and acoustic sources.

‘We didn’t want listeners comparing mics on Audio Test Kitchen to incorrectly assume the nuances between different vocal takes were attributed to sonic changes between microphones,’ said Oana. ‘With DPA mics, we are able to maintain 100% consistency by capturing one vocal performance in an anechoic chamber using DPA’s high-resolution 4011 cardioid mic and subsequently replaying that audio through a specially tuned loudspeaker that serves as a surrogate for the human voice. We call this process, “bottling the source,” and it allows us to capture and reproduce only the pure sound of the voice itself.

‘DPA was among the first mics we tried in this bottling and re-amp system we developed. After comparing six or seven mics, we arrived at the DPA 4011 as being one of our two bottling microphones. This high-quality cardioid microphone has the ability to capture the natural sound of a voice or acoustic guitar and retain all the life and intimacy in our re-amp system. It sounds as if each one of these 250 large-diaphragm condenser mics was in front of the source, live, from the beginning. It removes a layer of translation.’