Daniel Weltlinger invests in DPA microphone

Daniel Weltlinger invests in DPA microphone

12:48 08 August in Product News

After having his instrumental microphone damaged in a concert, Daniel Weltlinger decided to invest in DPA’s d:vote Core 4099 microphone, created for expanding the dynamic range of acoustic instruments. The d:vote Core 4099 microphone is built with a streamline windscreen which reduces its sensitivity to movement and helps to protect the backport of the mic.

‘On the recommendation of DPA’s Australian distributor, Amber Technologies, I decided to try a d:vote Core 4099 microphone,’ commented Weltlinger. ‘To me, it is the clearest, warmest and most natural sound I have ever known from a portable violin microphone.

‘d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones, including the new Core version, have made my life a lot easier in terms of amplifying my instrument,’ he added. ‘I feel very fortunate to have such high quality, regular use microphones in my possession.’

Weltlinger is now promoting his new album, Szolnok, with a series of performances, using his d:vote Core 4099 microphone. ‘Since acquiring it, I have used it on just about all the projects and studio work I’ve been involved in. Like the original d:vote 4099, it is ideal for both stage and studio work and is a great condenser microphone for recording.’