Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials
The past month saw the Prosound team working at the Supersport Studios in Lagos, Nigeria. This job was not a small one in the least; the project saw the team installing and rigging lights for 5 Studios. Prosound never shy’s away from a task and we are proud to share some of the comments received from our very happy clients:

Well done to you and your crew
Skip Scheepers General Manager – West Africa Operations

Thank you very much; it was great having you guys here. Job well done! I hope to work with the team again in future.
Kind regards, Hannes.
(Johannes Van Wyk- Chief Engineer: Supersport, Lagos)

You and your team have delivered quality work. Ian, thanks of your assistance.
Carlos Calhias Technical Manager –SuperSport Africa

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 Client Testimonials - Vicky Theatre


The National Arts Festival which runs every year in Grahamtowns saw Prosound in partnership with ETC sponsoring venues with some lighting. One of these venues was Vicky’s, ETC supported Vicky’s by presenting the venue as completely LED rig, focusing on Source Fours. This is normally a tricky venue for lighting due to its power limitations. Again always up for a challenge, Prosound went in and here are a few comments from our clients:

Dear Mac, This is just a quick note to say thank you to yourself and to Prosound for the great assistance and rig that you brought to Vicky’s at NAF this year.   It was a great pleasure using the lighting rig that you installed; what a joy to have so much to play with.

We really felt that it made our shows look great.Thanks Mac for teaching our technician how to use the board, you were excellent.

Kind regards,
Roland Perold
(Roland Perold- Founder of ROLSKA Productions)


We are enormously grateful to Prosound for their support of the Festival this year. This kind of industry support is important to the Festival in so many different ways. The first is the obvious budget relief; we are able to provide top of the range equipment to our artists without blowing the budget sky high, something which for us is becoming worryingly easy to do. The next is the impact that it has on the technicians, of the 150 individuals who come to Grahamstown to work on the Festival many of them are just starting out and giving them constant exposure to new technology and professional advice is vital for their growth as theatre practitioners.

Several of the artists and designers expressed their gratitude to us for giving them exposure to new equipment that they would otherwise not have access to –  a festival environment being one of the best pressure testers in the industry it really does show off the full capabilities of exceptional equipment.I was especially excited by the increased support from ETC for this year’s Festival. I have always been a fan of their control systems and having such fantastically solid and stable lighting consoles in such key venues went a long way to ensuring a smooth festival experience for our presenting artists. Of course this would not have been possible without the incredible support from Jannie de Jager whose calm and professional approach goes a very long way to soothing often festival-stressed creative minds.

The LED fixtures provided for Vicky’s were an incredible success. There was admittedly a little concern before the Festival from some of the less experienced artists performing in the venue that a LED rig would be able to give them the effects that they were after, these were quickly laid to rest and I think the units were given a very positive showcase.From our perspective it was fantastic to be able to provide the artists in Vicky’s with a more substantial rig, something that has not been possible to date given the severe power constraints of the building.I very much hope that 2015 will be the start of a new and exciting partnership between Prosound and the National Arts Festival.

Nicci Spalding
(Nicci Spalding- Technical Director for National Arts Festival)