Zero 88

Zero 88

For over 40 years Zero 88 have been designing, manufacturing and delivering entertainment lighting control solutions  to a wide range of demanding users in thousands of venues worldwide.

Our passion is to create outstanding products that give you a lifetime of service and value,  making us your entertainment lighting control supplier of choice.

Product Expertise
Zero 88 meets the needs of the entertainment lighting industry by doing what we do best – delivering targeted, reliable products to distinct segments of the marketplace such as theatre, education, television and live performance. Knowing that one product does not fit all, we research each sector and focus on developing creative solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Zero 88 has unrivalled experience of the specialists needs of entertainment technology, through the diverse expertise of its staff and the knowledge of our worldwide distribution network.

  • Unrivalled experience
  • Specially targeted products based on user feedback
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • Best Value

Zero 88 products are robust and reliable, designed to withstand the demanding environment of live performance, including heat, dust, humidity, limited space and rigorous touring. Our products are designed to last, but if something should go wrong all our products are supported by an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Our process of continued innovation and development means Zero 88 products are frequently updated in line with changing industry needs; ensuring users have access to the very latest control technology.

  • Industry leading 3 year warranty
  • Continued innovation
  • Free software updates

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