Sound Devices

Sound Devices

A cardboard box filled with miscellaneous audio parts and labeled “Sound Devices” marked the humble beginnings of a Midwest US-based company now recognized and respected worldwide for the innovative technology and unparalleled quality found in its portable audio product lines.

In the summer of 1998, the founders of Sound Devices set out with one goal in mind design and build robust, intuitive field-production audio products that improve the workflow for audio professionals everywhere. Within a year, the company made strong inroads into the broadcast market with its first high-performance product, the MP-1 Portable Microphone Preamp. With the new millennium came other transportable tools, including one of the earliest USB computer audio interfaces, the USBPre (now the USBPre 2), and then a full line of field mixers, like the 552 and MixPreD followed soon after. In 2004, Sound Devices entered the non-linear field-recording markets with its innovative new 7-Series digital audio recorders, a product line expanded with the development numerous accessories, such as CL-WiFi, CL-8 Mixing Controls, and the CL-9 Linear Fader Controls.

Over the years, industry professionals have put Sound Devices audio products through rigorous real-life workflows from the frigid, high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains to the hot, arid landscape of Death Valley, and from a Hollywood sound stage to the Costa Rican rainforest. The company’s line of field mixers, recorders, and accessories weathered the extremes, and with each new release, Sound Devices became synonymous with rugged durability and superb audio performance, even under the most punishing field conditions in the harshest environments.

Sound Devices continues that tradition in the audio industry with several award-winning products, such as the 633 compact production mixer, the 664 field production mixer, the 788T portable audio recording system, and the 970 half-rack audio recorder. All four have earned the prestigious Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Technical Achievement Award.

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