There is no doubt, Eurotruss, is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium truss systems in the international market.

Grown to expertise
Great expertise, a high level of quality, efficient and modern production technology and a superb fast conical connection system are the pillars on which Eurotruss has developed a comprehensive product range for all purposes.

Since 1993 Eurotruss successfully implemented the first conical connection system which ultimately has proven to be the most important innovation in the truss market. After gaining and remaining the leading position worldwide in the lightweight truss market, Eurotruss has a wider range of aluminium truss systems covering all aspects of the industries requirements.

In order to cope with the structural growth ,without compromising the high quality standards Eurotruss production facilities had to be expanded to 10.000 m2.

Eurotruss has and will stay upfront with the latest technology and quality standards. Eurotruss has chosen to adhere to the highest specifications with Aluminium, TuV, DNV and SLV Welding Verification for welding aluminium in order to provide a safe and quality product. Quality counts and pays off!

Product Range
Eurotruss has a wide range of aluminium truss systems. Next to the lightweight truss system called FD, Eurotruss carries ground support towers and bigger truss systems like XD, ST, FT plus the pre rigg truss like XT and TT. The last few years Eurotruss has supplied many roof systems from 80m2 till 400m2.

Eurotruss also manufacture and sell Wind Up Stands, Euro-Lift, and Barriers. Beside those products Eurotruss sells complementary accessories like manual (Yale) and electrical chain hoist (CM lodestar, Verlinde and Chainmaster).

All over the world Eurotruss has established a well trained dealer and service network. Eurotruss is available in over 40 countries worldwide. A full list is available under the dealer tab.

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