De Sisti

De Sisti

Why De Sisti?

…because we work with PASSION since more than 30 years to provide EXCELLENCE in LIGHTING SYSTEMS.

…and YOU are at the centre of our ATTENTION.

Lighting Innovation

Light and Vision are stimulating senses... our mission is to always provide the best Lighting Systems to serve the scope, offering at the same time:

  • the best Value for Money
  • the most Reliable Products
  • great Performances with High Efficiency Solutions
  • the latest Technologies
  • revolutionary Energy Saving Systems
  • absolute Safety

...and we are continuously investing in Research & Development for answering your needs and wishes.
Safety first for our Rigging Systems

De Sisti products are designed and manufactured up to the most severe safety standards available internationally.

We are the only COMPANY Worldwide to have all of its rigging devices Certified by the independent German Institute TÜV to the DIN 15560 part 46 standards and UL certified.

The safety is a basic design parameter, the rigging products in the range are available in different versions, to fulfill the different Countries requirements (U.L. for North America, CE for Europe, etc.).
So, why De Sisti?

…because we are lighting the future.

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