TechRig Revolutionise Visual Display

13:50 16 January in Latest Products, Live Events

Two months ago, TechRig Technical Solutions Agency introduced the world’s brightest projectors to our shores. With it they have revolutionised branding and visual display in Africa.

The Barco HDQ-2K40 and HDF-W26 projectors have made their debut at the Siemens 5C’s Gala Awards evening, where brand landscapes were projected directly onto the magnificent Siemens building in Midrand, JHB.

“The magical thing about these projectors is that anything becomes your canvas,” says Jaci de Villiers, Creative Director.

The power of the Barco projectors lies in their ability to project onto any surface including but not limited to water, sand dunes, cars and smoke using pixel mapping. This versatility has revolutionised branding and visual displays across the world. Creatives are no longer limited to a static billboard or banner to market their brand but instead can transport their digital projection across cities in the space of a day projecting onto any object they wish.

“This ‘point-and-shoot’ advertising is taking over the international market,” explains Michael Collyer, TechRig CEO. “Creatives can dream up anything to tell the story of their brand. Branding has been liberated.”

The boundaries for digital display in Africa are already being stretched with new ideas being born daily. “It has been so energising for our team,” says Jacqui Higgins, TechRig Media Liaison. “With no limitations to what we can do, our team is just itching to take digital projection to the next level.”

“TechRig is leading the way in terms of digital display in South Africa. They are boldly breaking into new territories and we would like to congratulate them on the purchase of these projectors from Prosound,” concluded Justin Acres, Prosound.

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