Attero Tech

Attero Tech

Attero Tech, based in the USA, is a leading provider of unique and cost-effective networked AV solutions for small and medium sized venues. Attero Tech solutions help AV system integrators reduce cost, improve audio quality, future proof systems, and meet their most demanding design requirements. Leveraging their deep background in audio networking and audio theory, Attero Tech engineers have developed out-of-the-box solutions for virtually any connection scenario. If there is a need, Attero Tech has the solution.

Digital AV Solutions:

Attero Tech bring affordable networked AV solutions to the market today. Whether via Dante, CobraNet or AVB, audio over Ethernet technologies let you build out better, faster and more profitable AV systems than ever before.

Dante Connectivity:

Attero Tech provides Dante interface solutions for your audio connectivity requirements. Whether your device requires USB audio, AES-3 digital audio or analogue I/O, Attero Tech has a solution for your application.

Audio Monitoring:

Audio networks can be complex, but monitoring them doesn’t have to be. Attero Tech’s unique audio monitoring solutions are aimed at making Dante monitoring simple and effective.

Dante BoB:

32 analogue outputs from a Dante network in a single rack space. Drive racks of analogue amplifiers, powered monitors or use it as a high channel count signal extension over Dante.

Wall Plates:

The simplest and most flexible way to install a networked audio system. Attero Tech wall plates provide networked audio, control and power over a single Ethernet cable.

Integration Friendly:

All of Attero Tech’s AV solutions are designed for flexibility with system integration in mind. Whether you need a simple connectivity solution or seamless integration with DSP-based audio or control systems, their products have you covered.

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