Become an expert in bodyworn microphones

11:52 23 September in Product News

d:fine™ Headset and d:screet™ Miniature Microphones are extremely versatile. They are often used as bodyworn mics – mics mounted anywhere on the body. These bodyworn mics not only capture superior sound, they allow the talent to perform freely. If you are interested in learning more about bodyworn microphones, we suggest signing up for one of our three webinars on the subject. The first webinar is later this week.

Thursday, Sept. 24: Speech intelligibility and bodyworn mics
with Eddy B. Brixen, Audio Specialist at DPA Microphones

Monday, Oct. 5: Miniature microphone technology
with Mikkel Nymand, Product Manager, Tonmeister at DPA Microphones

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Applications for bodyworn microphones
with Bo Brinck, Global Sales Support Manager at DPA Microphones

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